Making the Most of Your Time


It was Dante, I think, who said ‘He who knows most grieves most for wasted time’. In the 24/7 world, time is at a premium for millions of people worldwide, especially busy managers and hard-pressed business owners, who constantly seek to achieve more and to squeeze everything possible into every minute of every day. There are many longstanding, old and well known methods and tips for improving your time management and I will be exploring those in the coming weeks. But what has changed since many of those tips originally appeared in training courses and manuals is the technology available to help us and how it has affected the structure of the workplace and the nature of people’s jobs. I will point to some of the tools available to help manage time in the next few weeks on this page so read on and learn more….!


In the meantime, we Virtual Assistants are a valuable resource who make use of all the tools and technology to help ourselves and our clients make better use of their time and save money. Read the experience of one Virtual Assistant User at




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