Privacy Policy

Thank you for trusting Minerva Virtual Office with some information about you.  We take that trust seriously and we want you to know how we use your information and why.


Who is holding your information?

Minerva Virtual Office (We) has been in business since 2014. Gill Gibbeson is the sole owner of the business.


Website privacy

If you are reading this you found our website somehow.  We do not harvest or collect email addresses from website visitors. If you don’t contact us and give us your email, we do not have your details.



If you contact us with an enquiry about the services we offer we will only hold your contact information whilst dealing with your enquiry. If you do not become one of our clients we do not retain any of your contact details.  If you do become one of our clients we will hold your contact details for the purpose of conducting business between us.  We do not share this information with third parties.


Our services are designed to be business to business.   We are not a hard sell or cold calling based organisation but prefer to build long-term relationships with satisfied clients.


Financial and credit card details

If you decide to use our services and settle your account by BACS or direct transfer, we know only what your bank tells us – usually the name of the person who paid us, how much and the reference number. 


Data Sharing

We do not sell or exchange the data we hold with organisations who may want to sell you something or use your data for research or other purposes, nor are we planning to do so.    


Your information/advice is held in the strictest confidence.  We only use mainstream software and we use the most secure login options available to us.


Where is your data located?

In common with most small businesses, we do not have any tailor-made software – we use mainstream packages for everything from our customer records, to email, to accounting.


This means that much of our data is held in services in the USA.   We have picked mainstream suppliers with appropriate security standards. We keep most data in Microsoft systems that keep their servers predominantly in the EU. Special category data (about your health, orientation, beliefs etc) is not held by us.


Retention Periods

We have a long-term and discreet relationship with most of our clients.  For that reason, we retain information for 10 years from the last point of contact.  This allows us to have financial records going back far enough to satisfy HMRC and to satisfy our insurers.   


If you have contacted us but not taken up any services from us we will delete your contact details as soon as you have let us know that you do not require our services.  If we have not had any response from you following your initial contact we delete your contact details within 3 months from the last date of contact.


Want to see what we hold on you?

If you want to know what information we have about you (if any) email  and give us your name, email address(es) and we will happily do a search and send you a copy of what we have.


If you are not happy with us holding your contact information or if you want to be removed from our customer records, please let us know.



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